You are the Lord

Jesus Christ, You are the Lord.

I get so lost in myself sometimes that I forget this fundamental truth.

You are the Lord.

So often I come to pray and I gaze at my weakness, and I forget that it is You alone Who can take that away.

I worry and falter over my sinfulness, but You are the One Who makes all things new.

You are my light. You are my salvation.

You are the Lord.

That’s why they came to You. That’s why they climbed a mountain to hear You preach. That’s why they raced You to the other side of the sea just for the chance to touch You.

Not because they were worthy. Not because they thought they were deserving of their time. But because You are the Lord, and You are deserving of theirs.

And what did they find when they came to You, those who met the Lord? What did they hear when they sat at Your feet and listened to Your voice?

“Come to Me all who labor, and I will give you rest.”

For You are not the Lord Who can heal. You are not the Lord Who can save. You are the Lord Who does.

How different would it be if we approached You this way? If we forgot our fears, our worries and our self-doubts and simply came to You? What would it be like to simply be with You and not focus on all the ways that we’re no worthy to be?

What would it be like to kneel at Your feet, to touch the hem of Your garment in faith, not faith that I deserve the healing, but faith that You, the Lord, will heal?

I don’t know how to live that way, to forget myself and my imperfections and remember that I am in the presence of God. I don’t yet have that holy confidence to approach You and ask for what I need simply because I know You are capable of doing it. But I would really like to learn how. I would really like to do it.

Jesus Christ, You are the Lord. Help me to live like this is true.