Hi there! I’m Kathryn, and this is my blog. On here I write about my journey in the spiritual life as I learn to navigate my thoughts, emotions, and interior experiences to encounter the Person of Jesus Christ and make Him the center of my life.

I won’t pretend to be an expert or anything. I’m simply here to share my experience, my own encounter with the Lord. Every journey is different, and my way of relating to God may look different from yours. And that’s okay.

I hope you enjoy what’s written here, and I hope it is fruitful for your own prayer. If anything on the blog resonates with you, or you want here more about it, feel free to contact me using the button below! I would love to chat.

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Latest from the Blog

You are the Lord

Jesus Christ, You are the Lord. I get so lost in myself sometimes that I forget this fundamental truth. You are the Lord. So often I come to pray and I gaze at my weakness, and I forget that it is You alone Who can take that away. I worry and falter over my sinfulness,…

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A Father’s Day meditation

 “My son, you are here with me always; everything I have is yours.” – the Parable of the Prodigal Son, Luke 15:31 What shocking words the father says to his eldest son. This son, who had just finished chewing him out for taking in his brother and rejoicing his return, stands before him seething with…

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A matter of perspective

“I’m such an idiot,” I mumbled to myself as I picked up the pieces of my ruined experiment. I was freezing some samples to store for my assay and, fumbling with the tongs, had left them in liquid nitrogen for far too long. As a result, the lab was filled with “Pop! Pop!” while little…

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